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One of the biggest environmental challenges today is global warming.The increase in earth’s
average temperature and create awareness 5 June is celebrated as world environment day.To educate the young generations, J&K Pollution control board in collaboration with 92.7FM has organised a awareness campaign on ‘Beat Air Pollution’ at Rajinder Park, Jammu where more than 100 students participated. RJ Rahul & Juhi (Alumni of DBN) was hosting the event.Local people’s are also there in the campaign. Our School presented a skit which demonstrated the effects of global warming. In the skit, the audience was made aware of the tropical deforestation that produces more global warming pollution than the total emissions of every car, truck, plane, ship and train on earth.
The purpose of campaign is to aware People to understand that air pollution is taking toll on their respiratory health, making them prone to asthma and other respiratory diseases.