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DBN AMARVILLA bids farewell to Class XII students

Goodbyes make us realize what we once had, what we may have lost, and what we've somehow taken for granted. We are but here for a while, and our days are always numbered.

With an emotional, heart- wrenching and remorse feeling but infused with positive hope and aspiration for the bright future of students, DBN Amarvilla bade farewell to the students of Class XII (Batch 2023-24). The fervour and zest put in by the students of subsequent batch was the centre of attraction of this programme.

Titles were given to the 12th class students. Shivankar was entitled with Mr DBN, Ashwika Kerni with Ms DBN, Anushka Jamwal with Ms Charming and Lovish Singh with Mr Charming.

Addressing the students, Ranju Malhotra, Principal, DBN Amarvilla showered her blessings on the students and wished them best of luck for their exams. She also encouraged the students to work hard to not only to achieve their set goals, but also to become good citizens.

The event came to a close with a genuine smile on each face, as everyone recalled the cherished moments spent in school. The aura of nostalgia this farewell brought, will always be there as the students take a step to their journey ahead.